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We Generate Leads For Your Business. You Close them.

It's Simple. We lease you a website and you don't pay until you start generating phone calls and leads. Find out how we've helped business owners like yourself.

Tracked Phone Calls

We track all phone leads because we've confident that we can generate them for you.

Get Found

We rent you a website that has high local rankings in search engines.


Our promise. You don't pay anything until we start generating leads for your business.

How It Works

We have the best, fair and simple marketing plan for your LOCAL business.

  1. We build a website that represents you and your business categoryand we position it well on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Leads are generated by email and by a unique phone number attached to each web site.

  1. All leads are tracked and verified. We even record the phone calls so that you can listen nd we can prove that the leads are genuine.

  1. Once leads are being generated we can mutually agree on a fair monthly fee to lease the website to your Company

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Track Record

    We're great at online marketing. We've helped hundred of businesses in Canada succeed.
  • We're Transparent

    Our process is simple. We'll show you everything we do to generate leads for your business and you don't pay till it works.
  • We're Fair

    If you're paying for marketing and advertising that does not generate a proper return for you, then talk to us. We don't get paid unless you make money.